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506 South 5th Street, St. Joseph, MO 64501
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Creative Machining Solutions

Creative Machining Solutions is a precision job shop dedicated to part production for a variety of customers in various industries. The depth and diversity of our experience allows us to do work in several areas, including:
  1. Close tolerance tooling
  2. Hardened perishable tooling
  3. One-off replacement parts
  4. Small to medium production lots
  5. Shaft & Roller Repair
  6. Mechanical & welded assembly of machined and purchased components
  1. Fabricate parts from blueprint or sample
  2. 3D machining
  3. Recondition existing parts
  4. Research and Development
  5. Prototyping
  6. Secondary processes through a network of partners (heat-treating, painting, plating, forming, etc..)


Provide consistent service with honesty and integrity in every situation while instilling a high degree of confidence in our ability to provide the machining expertise to resolve their tooling, product, and repair needs. Develop relationships with customers to ensure that our parts and services meet their requirements, while having the flexibility to respond to a changing business environment.

Capabilities and Professionalism

Creative Machining Solutions is the Northwest Missouri area’s leading CNC machining facility. Our state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment allows us to meet even the most precise specifications. With over 150+ years combined machining experience, as well as the diversity of multiple product backgrounds, The CMS CNC machining team will deliver superior machined components and parts to match your strictest requirements.

CMS has the experience, expertise and competence to provide accurate production of complex components that have often proven too difficult for our competition.

CMS can provide a variety of precision machining capabilities to meet the requirements of varying customer needs. From automotive and railroad to food processing equipment and more, CMS has the appropriate experience, attention to detail and commitment towards quality. CMS places the same emphasis and dedication to each project, whether it is one-of-a-kind or a continual supply program.

We specialize in the machining of stainless steels and tool steel as well as aluminums, plastics, titanium and coppers. Turning processes from raw material initial cuts to the final finishing turnings on your project.