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CMS Services & Equipment

Creative Machining Solutions can provide a variety of precision machining capabilities to meet the requirements of varying customer needs. From automotive and railroad to food processing equipment and more, Creative Machine has the appropriate experience, attention to detail and attitude towards quality, to ensure customer satisfaction. Creative Machine places the same emphasis and dedication to each project, whether it is one-of-a-kind or a continual supply program.

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CMS Equipment

  • 4-Axis VMC max travel 40” ‘X’ 20” ‘Y’ 20” ‘Z
  • 3-Axis VMC max travel 30” ‘X’ 18” ‘Y’ 18” ‘Z’
  • MIG, TIG Welding Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Wire EDM max working size 13” ‘X’ 16” ‘Y’ 18” ‘Z’
  • Shaft, Roller repair Sizes up to 20” diameter x 150” long
  • Wire EDM max working size 13” ‘X’ 16” ‘Y’ 18” ‘Z’
  • Machining Tooling and Fixtures for extrusions, test apparatus, molds, dies
  • Surface grinding max size 40” ‘X’ 16” ‘Y’ 18” ‘Z’
  • Renishaw Digitizer
  • Bead blasting of Stainless Steel max size 32” long x 22” wide x 16” High
  • Mastercam 3D mill and Lathe
  • Reverse engineering of existing components


Creative Machine is an industry leader in CNC turning in the Northwest Missouri area. We use high precision Mori-Seiki, Nakamura Tome, and YCM SuperMax CNC turning centers. Our superior CNC turning services allow us to fabricate parts and components from a variety of materials, all with unparalleled accuracy and precision. No other facility in the area can match our level of excellence in CNC turning services. On our CNC turning centers, Creative Machine can drill, bore, finish contour, groove and thread with a high level of precision on a full range of materials. Turning can be done on one part or hundreds with tolerances comparable to aerospace standards.

Specific CNC Turning Capabilities:

  • Materials up to 23.0" diameter
  • Lengths to 50.0" long
  • Spindle Speeds to 7000 RPM
  • Repeatability to +/- 0.0001
  • Repair of shafts up to 20’’ dia by 144” long
  • Hard turning, Rockwell hardness 62+ Rc
  • Small to medium production runs
  • One-off replacement parts
  • Close tolerance tooling (.0002") commonly


Creative Machining Solutions has full surface-grinding capabilities.

Our grinding process is an essential attribute to producing close tolerance tooling.
Tolerances of (.0002″) are common and easily achieved.



Using CAD/CAM software, we can create atypical contours, complicated geometrical profiles and machined parts with any number of features. We have more than 90 years of combined CNC milling experience


Create a “wire-frame” of the shape that needs to be machined.

Apply surfaces to the wire-frame to create the solid model.

Generate the code necessary to machine the solid model.


  • Some of our Matsuuras are equipped with a 12 inch Tsudokoma rotary axis. This is not just an indexer, but a full additional axis. Some common uses are machining deep pitch extrusion screws, sine wave machining, and even machining multiple sides of a part in a single operation.
  • One of the benefits of this type of machining application is the accuracy. When a part has critical tolerances regarding the timing of one feature to another about the circumference, it can be easily achieved using the 4th axis.
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